Online Counseling – A Flexible Solution Fit For The Demands Of The Modern World

Online Counseling with Daniel S. Sokal, LCSW

Life has a tendency to pull us in many different directions. Usually at the same time.Online counseling and therapy is the modern day solution to the traditional in-person counseling visits. Through online therapy, we can eliminate all the distractions and stressors associated with getting to an appointment. From the comfort of your home or office and surrounded by things familiar to you, we’re able to empower a safe and anxiety-free discussion to figure out what’s going on and more importantly, what are we going to do about it together. Online counseling is a perfect fit for busy stay-at-home parents, business professionals, seasoned executives, residents outside Westchester County, and for anyone seeking therapy anytime and anywhere.

Our online counseling practice leverages sophisticated and cutting-edge technology and video platforms to ensure a fast and secure session. It also serves as an invaluable complement to many of our patients in-person therapy plans. The ability to reach out quickly during periods of high stress or anxiety can be crucial to your overall objectives. We encourage you to learn more about how online counseling can help you regain balance in your life.

Here are some common reasons why people prefer online therapy:

  • The commute can be difficult or inconvenient
  • Patients are concerned with the idea of ‘in-office’ therapy
  • Clients are more comfortable and open while at home
  • Clients who want shorter sessions prefer it
  • Many clients feel counseling online provides greater confidentiality
  • Extra benefits for clients who will encounter less “triggers” if they stay home
  • It is a convenient option for people with disabilities or social phobias
  • People in an abusive relationship who want to receive therapy without their partner knowing

Another major advantage of online counseling is scheduling – I have much more flexibility in terms of my availability as it allows me to meet in one of my three offices without you having to be there for a face to face meeting. My patients tell me they love meeting in the comfort of their own home and it makes for a less stressful experience – ultimately helping us reach their goals.

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