Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling – You Can Live A Clean and Sober Life

It’s time to change your relationship with alcohol and substance abuse

Most people who have problems with alcohol are in denial that they have a problem – until their lives seem unmanageable. Often, issues with social drinking progress to problem drinking for self-medication. This can happen alongside difficult life situations such as loneliness, depression, anxiety, stress, anger, separation, divorce, grieving, or serious medical illness or trauma.

Signs You May Have a Drinking Problem:

  • You can’t control how much you drink
  • Rationalize and justify the amount and frequency of drinking
  • More and more of your life is focused around alcohol
  • Alcohol is interfering in your personal, work, and/or family life
  • Your health is being impacted negatively
  • Minimizing in your mind and to others the amount of alcohol you consume

Substance abuse includes the use of illegal drugs, prescription medications, inhalants, and injections. When someone starts abusing drugs, they may never mean for it to get “out of hand.” However, they can still become addicted to drugs over a certain amount of time. Some people may become addicted to painkillers after an injury or surgery and, over time, become dependent on the medication. It can happen that easily.

Signs You May Be Abusing Substances:

  • You become dependent on the drugs you’re taking, even those prescribed a doctor.
  • Your use of substances is causing relationship issues with friends and family
  • You lie and/or hide your use of substances
  • Legal problems have created havoc in your life
  • You participate in dangerous behavior and patterns to get substances

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