Trauma And Haunted History Counseling – Making Sense of Trauma

Making Sense of Trauma + Sitting with Your History

In this video, I discuss how therapy can help patients make sense of traumatic events and their history. Whether it be due to repeating conflicts, relationship issues, or professional demands, the goal of therapy is to make meaning of it and to make it ancestral as opposed to veiled and haunting. We use a variety of tools, including our intake packet, to gain a deeper understanding of your background and goals from treatment.

The most crucial goals of trauma therapy typically include but are not limited to:

  • To face the reality of the past event without getting stuck in it
  • To reduce or eliminate trauma symptoms
  • To work towards shifting focus from the past to the present
  • To improve daily functioning
  • To reclaim your personal power
  • To overcome addictions associated with traumatic stress
  • To gain skills that prevent relapse

Together we can create meaning behind your history and develop actionable plans for you and your family to move forward and bring back the peace in your life.

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