Daniel S. Sokal, LCSW Psychotherapy and Counseling – Psychotherapy For Those Recovering From A Narcissist

raised by narcissists, narcissistic abuse therapyTherapy for the Trauma Caused by a Narcissist

This video discusses the stressors, impacts, and history involved having a narcissist in your life, and how treatment can help set boundaries and relief in your life whilst decreasing the narcissists power over your sense of well being, self-esteem, and how your life looks going forward after setting boundaries and making meaning of their impact on you.

Seasonal Stress With A Narcissistic Family Member

This video gives tips and tricks to tolerate attending stressful family get-togethers and the holidays when there is a narcissist in your family.

Dealing with the complexities of narcissism can be a draining endeavor, both mentally and physically. Regain calm and your self-confidence again. You deserve it.