Relationship Counseling – Marriage, Relationship, and Couples Therapy

Relationship Counseling For The Modern World

Our practice specializes in marriage counseling, relationship counseling and couples counseling of patients throughout the Westchester County area and online. We empower our patients to engage in new strategies and insights that promote healthier relationships. We will work with you independently or together with your partner to settle your problems, resolve conflicts, and reestablish trust and hope in your relationship.  Throughout the years, we have helped numerous couples put an end to their differences and helped them in fostering permanent outcomes.

We understand that marriage and relationships take a lot of work. But what we’ve found is that if both people are willing to put in a healthy effort to make things work, the outcome can be truly special. Unfortunately, many marriages and relationships suffer largely due to a lack of communication, distrust, feeling disrespected, not feeling safe and protected, abuse whether it be verbal or physical, addiction issues, problems with children, and emotional disconnect, just to name a few.

Additionally, we can help if you are:

  • Considering separation or divorce;
  • Feeling like you have tried everything and have run out of solutions;
  • Noticing emotional, behavior, or learning problems with your children as a reaction to your relationship problems;
  • Or experiencing trust issues related to infidelity; and
  • Tired of arguing over and over about the same problems with no results.

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