Daniel S. Sokal, LCSW Psychotherapy and Counseling – Psychotherapy For Couples In Westchester, NY + Online

Daniel Sokal, LCSW, ABD, is a psychologist who focuses on couples therapy, marriage counseling, & anxiety with offices in Liverpool and White Plains, NY.

Couple’s Counseling with Daniel Sokal in Westchester County, NY

The experience, stressors involved, and purpose of couple’s therapy .

When two families collide, conflicts that lead to marriage and couple’s therapy

This video discusses the tensions that lead to arguments and how they stem from the deeper meanings that start as surface level issues. This video further discusses how arguments amongst couples play out as situational evaluation in therapy sessions and how to diffuse and change they way arguments escalate so peace can enter back into the home. For more information go to www.danielsokal.com


Is my partner committed to our relationship? Scheduling and the stressors in actually attending that first session. 

This video discusses the message sent to your partner in attending or not attending the first couples therapy appointment , mostly due to a non committal or ambivalent partner . If the first couples psychotherapy appointment is scheduled but not attended or canceled last minute, it sends a message to the other that the relationship is not worth investing time and effort into and can be a make or break to the relationship .