Psychotherapy can restore the capacity to engage more fully in loving relationships and in one’s work. It turns ghosts into ancestors. It can bring peace back into your home. Through uncovering the deeper meanings behind everyday tensions I can help you identify the more significant patterns that lead to frayed relationships. I can help guide you to feel fulfilled in your life experiences, to be able to speak the unspeakable, to rebuild faith that caring, trusting, and safety with others can exist, and to gain insight into past experiences and exist with them in the background as opposed to being haunted by them in the present.

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The courage in starting psychotherapy

There are many reasons why it is courageous to enter the therapeutic process. It takes courage to sit with and exist with the inherent pain that underlies all aspects of our human experience. It takes courage to admit that we are all existentially limited, and end up being bones in the ground, but at the same time are very much alive and living in the present, though we may feel lost in the past. It takes courage to trust our intuitions and to speak them in the moment.

The Latin root of courage, Cor (or heart), tells us that courage at its root is to be at the heart of things. We need to work to find our courage and to let our hearts be open to our own emotional existence. This is inherent to the therapeutic process.


A video on the common defense of anxiety and reticence in starting treatment by making the call to a therapist


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