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Fees and Insurance

I am mainly an out-of-network provider.

Why Pay Out Of Pocket For Therapy As Opposed to Using My Health Insurance?

Melissa Winters, MA has a great blog post on the five great reasons to pay out pocket for therapy, they include:

What are the benefits of choosing to pay out-of-pocket for therapy?

1)      Freedom from hassles of the insurance company.

  • Choosing not to use your insurance gives you the freedom to find the therapist you would like to see and begin work, without these added complications.

2)      More choice in the provider you wish to see.

  • As people call around looking for a therapist who takes their insurance, many find the perfect provider (or are referred to a specific therapist by someone they trust), only to find out that the therapist does not take their insurance. Some great therapists may not be on your insurance panel; others do not participate with any insurance panels. Choosing to pay out-of-pocket gives you more freedom to see the provider you think is the best fit

3)      Freedom from insurance-related restrictions.

  • Many insurance companies don’t cover sessions more than once per week, or double sessions, phone sessions, group therapy, workshops, and other types of treatment that might be especially helpful to you. Paying out-of-pocket means that you can seek these other types of treatment when you and your therapist think it is suitable.

4)      Liberty to stay in therapy longer and to explore issues that may not be covered.

  • Many insurance companies allow only a certain number of sessions per year, which may not be enough to address the concerns that brought you to therapy in the first place. Insurance companies reserve the right to manage how often and how long you can use your benefits, and may decide that you cannot use your full number of sessions for certain problems. When paying out-of-pocket for therapy, you and your therapist will work together to figure out how long you can stay in therapy and what issues you want to work on.

5)      More flexibility to fit therapy into your own schedule.

  • When you call our office to schedule a new appointment, you will be asked questions about when you are available to come in. We realize that not everyone has the ability to come to therapy during regular business hours. You may find that many therapists who see only fee-for-service clients are available to see you on nights and even weekends, and may have more flexibility to find a time that works best for you.

Do You Accept And Bill My Insurance? 

You can quickly and easily verify your benefits here through my billing company O’Brien’s Billing. I accept some insurances both as an in network and out of network provider (OON). I am an in network provider with POMCO, Multiplan, PHCS, and ESI EAP. I often accept Aetna as an out of network provider. I do not accept medicaid or medicare as they and some other insurance companies only provide in network benefits.

I am currently on the insurance panels as an in-network provider for:


EBS-RMSCO/Lifetime Benefit Solutions

(Most insurance companies will cover my services as an out-of-network provider including– benefit coverage varies)

I accept all credit cards, checks, and cash payments. FSA and HSA accounts may also be used for payment. Payments are due at the beginning of session. 

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