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Couples and Marriage Therapy – When Families Collide

This video discusses the tensions that lead to arguments and how they stem from the deeper meanings that start as surface level issues. This video further discusses how arguments amongst couples play out as situational evaluation in therapy sessions and how to diffuse and change they way arguments escalate so peace can enter back into the home.

Our Current Times and The Collective Anxiety

Anxiety tied to current events, the overwhelming breadth of concerns of the crumbling of civility, and the lack of safety tied to hate groups being validated are discussed in this video from a clinical experience perspective.

Psychotherapy for Seasonal Transitions that are Stressful

Seasonal transitions can induce stress, depression, and anxiety. This video discusses seasonal transitions and their impact on mental well being and how treatment for this issue works.

Sitting with Your Story in Therapy, Westchester, NY

This video discusses therapy for those ready to sit with their story, their history, and their narrative, whether it be due to repeating conflicts, relationship and work issues, or a revisited trauma. History can haunt us, the goal of therapy is to make meaning of it and to make it ancestral as opposed to veiled and haunting.

Changing Your Relationship with Alcohol and Other Substances in Westchester, NY
This video is about psychotherapy – counseling – psychology for changing your relationship with alcohol and opiates. It identifies stressors, experiences, how treatment looks, and how psychotherapy can help guide you in changing the relationship.

Therapy for Dealing with a Narcissist in Your Life in Westchester, NY 
This video discusses the stressors, impacts, and history involved having a narcissist in your life, and how treatment can help set boundaries and relief in your life whilst decreasing the narcissists power over your sense of well being, self-esteem, and how your life looks going forward after setting boundaries and making meaning of their impact on you.

Therapy for Therapists in Westchester NY 

What therapy for therapists looks like, the stressors involved, and how I can help alleviate the stress and promote your growth.

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